Resourcing parents with tools to launch their children into the world with knowledge, character and confidence.

The major challenge for many would-be and current home educators is the feeling

that they don’t have the skills and tools to educate their children properly.

We hear it all the time:

"I feel like it would be best to educate my child at home however, I feel ill-equipped and intimidated by the whole idea of educating them on my own. Can I really do it myself?"

"Will they be able to get a job when they grow up, or go to college or university?"

"Will I be able to manage teaching them on my own AND balance every day life?"

Will they have enough socialization, world interactions and opportunities?

Live Learn Launch was born to make sure the answer to these questions is a resounding "YES!", by offering the resources, tools and support necessary to begin and flourish

in the at-home learning environment.

Why Be part the Live Learn Launch community?


Considering in-home education but don't know where to start? Live Learn Launch will be your source for guidance in determining if in-home education is right for you. Then once you are up and running, use our team and community to continue to find advice and teaching on how to navigate the path you have chosen.

Resources & Lessons

There are thousands of resources available for parents looking to educate their children, but how you determine what resources are valuable and effective?

Live Learn Launch will be your source for curated and vetted lessons and resources designed for the at-home environment that will equip you to succeed as you move forward with your in-home learning adventure.


In-home education is on the rise and families are seeking communities with which to share their journey and build lasting relationships for themselves and their children. Live Learn Launch will connect you to other families in your area so that you can engage in meetups and participate in Live Learn Launch community events and group lessons. With Live Learn Launch you do not have to feel alone or isolated in your efforts!

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Live Learn Launch will officially debut Winter 2018!

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