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An Introduction to Ants

Full Description

In this Unit of Study on Ants learners will be introduced to the life of ants.  Through a number of curricular areas learners will learn everything from the life cycle to what keeps ants busy throughout their life.  Discover what kind of work ants do, socialization and community make up. Check out different ant colonies and learn how to create one in your own backyard!  Learners will explore the different types of ants and how to best observe them. Learners should find the life of ants exciting and be able to share interesting stories about ants as they see them. They will also have the opportunity to answer questions about ants and develop their own questions as extensions to this unit.

Required Supplies:

- Internet Access

- Printer and Paper

- Coloring Supplies

Optional Supplies:

- Internet Access

- Printer and Paper

- Coloring Supplies

Subject Areas Explored:



In this video, you see how organized ants can be in their colonies and how they undertake incredible engineering feats!


National Geographic gives you an inside look in the ant world's deadliest insect. The Micofideous Ant.


Watch the ultimate guide to ants! Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about these smart insects.


Not all ants are tiny! Watch National Geographic Kids explore the word on monster ants.


Audio Soundtracks

Podcast: Why Ants Handle Traffic Better Than You Do

Unless there's a serious pileup, ants in traffic tend to bypass a collision and just keep going. A physicist has found a way to model this behavior with a mathematical equation.

Source: NPR, 3:21

Sound Bites: Listen to Ants As They Walk

The everyday ant seldom gets close enough to a microphone to be amplified and heard but 'The World According to Sound' podcast manages to let us listen to the insects as they go about their day.

Source: NPR, 1:32

Radio: Exploding Ants!

Kamikaze ants blow themselves up and cover their victims with killer slime

Source: CBC, 6:55

Song: The Ants Go Marching One By One

Famous children's song from 1943 that has a VERY catching melody that might have you singing it for days!

Source: KidsSongs, 0:32

Hands On Exercises

How to Make An Ant Farm

Ants are facinating to watch and here is a great way to do that! No need to buy an ant farm when you can do it yourself! Download the PDF lesson to learn how to make and take care of your ant farm.


Build An Ant!

Ants have a simple anatomy so they make a great specimen for building. Follow this link to the anatomy of an ant and build one as simple or as complicated as you want with recycled stuff around your house.

Click Here to see the ant's anatomy.

Book Recommendations