The Live Learn Launch (LLL) Unit of Study (UoS) has been designed in a way that allows home educators to feel confident knowing that the lessons they are receiving will always follow the same format. The lessons will have a consistent template that is easy-to-use, robust, effective and fun! By ensuring that children of all learning types are accommodated in each lesson, creators will be able to provide their products to the entire community. 


The requirements for the LLL UoS are as follows.

  • is intended to be a complete study on a particular topic.

  • will have multiple methods in which the topic can be taught as well as provide a variety of sub-topics that are also taught within.

  • would likely take approximately one month or more to cover in its entirety.

  • could also be considered a curated lesson in that the creator will do the heavy lifting in finding excellent resources and tools, using their knowledge to act as the expert, saving the parent the need and the time

  • will likely be able to charge significantly higher than a single lesson.

  • To see a list of requirements for a Full Lesson, scroll down to the description below.

In order to be deemed a Live Learn Launch Unit of Study, it must contain all of the following:

Full Description

The topic lessons begin with a full description about the topic, whom the lesson is suited for, desired outcomes and expectations. It will also lay out the skills that will be taught and the supplies that are recommended. This description will be used on the main page to describe your lesson so parents know what it is about.

Video Lessons or Demonstrations

Every lesson comes with a minimum of four (4) links video lessons or demonstrations either created or chosen by the lesson creator. These video links will provide information that enables your child to learn visually and audibly at their pace. The four video links will direct to free lessons however additional links may be provided to sources that charge a fee and are optional for parents to use. You may link to other content, as long as the lesson takes place at the original location that the creator placed it. ie. The creators YouTube Channel. You cannot take that lesson and put it on your own YouTube channel.

Audio Lessons

Every lesson comes with a minimum of four (4) links to audio teaching either through the use of podcasts, audio books, music, or other audio methods either created or chosen by the lesson creator. These audio links will provide information that enables your child to learn audibly at their pace. The four audio links will direct to free lessons however additional links may be provided to sources that charge a fee and are optional for parents to use.

Hands-On Exercises

Every lesson will include two (2) hands-on exercises that your child can utitilize to better understand the topic. These exercises could assist in teaching concept, skill growth, or deepen understanding.


Learning isn't about blindly accepting information, its about hearing, considering, testing and coming to a conclusion. Every LLL UoS comes with two (2) experiments that your child can do to better understand the nature of the topic. The experiments come with a list of needed supplies with all consideration made to keeping them simple and inexpensive to try. (Optional only if not applicable.)

Interpersonal Learning

Sometimes the best way to learn something is to engage with someone else. Whether that person is a parent, a friend, a sibling or a tutor, interpersonal learning can help supplement an idea or enable practice to improve a skill. Every LLL UoS provides two (2) exercises that can be undertaken with another person or a group of people.


Sometimes the answer can be found in a book. Every LLL UoS will come with six (6) level appropriate book recommendations that you could consider to supplement your child's studies.


Sometimes giving your child the opportunity to test their knowledge is a great way to clarify what it is that they have learned. Every LLL UoS has a minimum of six (6) worksheets that you can use to test your child's knowledge or learn the topic better. These worksheet can be printed on your home computer and all answer sheets will be provided.


Learning can and should be fun! Every LLL UoS provides a list, ideas, or examples of two (2) games you can find or try with your child to provide yet another unique way to communicate your topic lesson. At least one game will be free the others MAY point to outside options.

Field Trip Ideas

Being able to get amerced into a lesson can help your child better understand the topic in half the time. Field trips and a great way to allow your child to learn using all senses. The LLL UoS creator will offer two (2) suggestions of field trip locations where you may be able to supplement your home studies. (Optional only if not applicable.)

Social Media

Everyone loves something and often there is someone, somewhere who has dedicated time to expanding on the topic of choice. Whether through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any other social media outlet, you will receive two (2) of the Topic Lesson creator's suggestions on influencers who can under gird your child's studies.


When you want to get a better understanding on the comprehension level your child has on a particular topic you can use a test to bring the answer to light. Every LLL UoS will have two (2) tests that your child can take along with the answer key for marking the tests. Tests can be in the form of worksheets to demonstrative outcomes.

What's Trending

Sometimes a topic is surrounded by additional and ever changing information. Every LLL UoS will provide at least two (2) sources of information that are leading thought on the topic. Whether through news, research, ideas, games, apps, etc that are highlight advancements, new ideas, discussions and related info about the topic. Ideally, the creator of the lesson will add as much as possible about the topic as well as update annually.


Sometimes a topic requires a unique perspective or lesson to better communicate the knowledge. It will be requested that any additional information or tools be added to the LLL UoS if it can enrich the learning for the child. We don't know what it may be but we know our lesson creators will do their best to add as much value as possible to assist in teaching your child.