"There's about to be enormous innovation in education."

Steve Case, CoFounder of AOL

Live Learn Launch is positioning itself to be THE source for parents looking to equip themselves to educate their children in the most innovative and effective methods possible.

Calling all teachers and experts!

Opportunity is knocking for teachers and experts to create learning lessons

for children in a homeschool environment!

Many lessons are available on the marketplace but they are either:

A) tailored to teachers and educators or

B) scattered across the internet on small websites managed by individuals.

Parents seeking lessons to act as a foundation for their at-home curriculum or to supplement their current education often do not have the time or expertise to find or create unique and effective lessons for their children.

That's where you come in!

Live Learn Launch is seeking teachers and experts to create unique and exciting lessons...

and make $$$ doing it!

We are seeking lessons in the following categories:

Basic STEM: (Must apply to everyday, practical use)

  • Elementary Level Science: ie. astronomy,

  • Elementary Level Technology: ie. using the internet, robotics

  • Elementary Level Engineering: ie. building,

  • Elementary Level Mathematics: ie. coding,


  • Out-of-the-box business starter kit

  • Marketing

  • Financial Literacy

  • Business tools

Basic Life Skills:

  • Home Living: ie. cooking, sewing, laundry basics

  • Outdoor Living: firestarting, tool usage, fort building, beekeeping

  • Social Skills: etiquette and interpersonal interaction

  • Financial Literacy: banking, saving, investing


Send us your full name and info and we will send you a link and password to a simple and easy-to-understand list of guidelines for:

  1. Creating a lesson

  2. Our compensation plan

  3. Rules to engage

Thank you for your interest! Your will receive an email shortly with a page link and password for more details.