Financial Literacy is often named by graduates as the #1 topic they wished that they were taught more in school. The Cash Flow for Kids board game helps your child learn core principles of cashflow, capital gains, assets and liabilities in a fun, easy-to-understand game.


Schools teach kids how to work for money. Playing CASHFLOW for Kids teaches them how to make money work for them. Using fun, real-world examples, kids get to practice investing—acquiring assets and dealing with the perils of liabilities. Parents and kids can talk about their plans for escaping the rat race.


We play this game as a family and its a HUGE hit with our boys. Games take about 15-30 minutes to complete and I would say its best for ages 7+. When they are ready, you can graduate them up to the adult version of the game and delve deeper into the ways one can become cash flow positive.


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Cash Flow for Kids Board Game