As the boys are getting older I'm getting the signs that puberty has hit the household and its time to talk to them about their bodies and what they can expect during this time.

My philosophy is to not make it weird but to turn it into a biology conversation understanding how our amazing bodies work. That said, I wanted a guide that also took that approach and I found them with these books.

The books cover all ages starting at age 5 upwards to the late teens. This makes it great as you can introduce them in sections as your child grows. For our boys I read them about thier bodies AND I read them about what was going on in girls' bodies. I don't want any mystery as mystery can breed guesses and opens up the door for a lot of false information.

At first it started with giggles and grins but as the books progessed they eventually started asking great questions and even gave me a few "OH! I get it now!" and "I totally thought something else!" The books have made it easier to explain why deodorant and showers are so important, too. ;)

Finally the other great feature about these books is they are available on Kindle so that you can Mirror them onto the big screen and read them that way. I find this makes for a more comfortable way to read and have discussions as everyone can easily see the pictures.

Also, something to note is that the books were available to read for free for Amazon prime members when we read them. Not sure if that is still the case but that makes reading them even that much more enjoyable!


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I'm a Boy and I'm a Girl Series