I absolutely love the Who is book series by Penguin. Over 150 Who Was? titles have been published since the series first began in 2002. And with the addition of the What Was? and Where Is? series, readers now have more than 200 amazing books about influential people, world-famous landmarks, and compelling historical events. The subjects are people who are the first at something, or the best at what they do, or who have made major contributions in their field—and sometimes all three! The Where Is? titles are some of the most fascinating places on earth, and What Was? subjects are usually things we all wish we knew more about.


What I love about the books are that they are easy to read and give you a very summarized, albeit thourough story of the life of the person or the history of the location, event or thing. I also find that it is very easy to think up spin-off lessons based on the topics found within the pages. So much so that you will need to stay tuned as we work on companion studies for many of our favorites!


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Who Is? Book Series