Live Learn Launch Lessons

You never know what will excite a child from one day to the next.

That is why Live Learn Launch provides a variety of subjects, topics and lessons which

enable parents to tailor their child's education in a way that is interesting to the child, now.

At Live Learn Launch we follow, as a foundation, the P.E.R.T. Curriculum,

ensuring that everything taught is





The 14 subjects in the curriculum include:

Life Skills

Life Skills














Work Ethic


Faith/World Views

Science & Tech

We are seeking Teachers and Experts to create quality, engaging lessons for the Live Learn Launch community!

Lessons must:

  • Be based on the subjects and topics found in the P.E.R.T. Curriculum (Information on this curriculum can be found at

  • Be of a high quality, providing comprehensive lessons on the topic

  • Digital format

What to think about when creating a lesson.

A few things we request you keep in mind...

Make it Beautiful

So many children are visual learners and we forget that so much of the excitement and curiosity comes from our visual senses. We want every part of a child to be raring to get started and it will begin with a eye catching layout.

Make it FUN!

No one wants to sit and read text and answer questions exclusively. Try to make your lesson engaging and interactive. Along with the facts and data, add in hands-on exercises, video links, songs or games. Studies show the more that all of the child's senses are engaged in a lesson the better they retain their knowledge.

Make it Easy! (For the Parents That Is!)

Parents are busy and the ability to facilitate a learning moment often depends on how quickly and easily it can be created. Lessons need to be simple enough that a parent can share the process with the child and not have to hand-hold the entire way. Try and keep verbiage and activities easy enough for the child to undertake themselves with little to no adult supervision.

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Need Some Ideas?!!!

To get your creative juices flowing how about a lesson in the following?...

  • Cooking

  • Addition

  • Geography

  • Space

  • Agriculture

  • Social Etiquette

  • Surfing

  • Grammar

  • Energy

  • Banking

  • Color

  • Transportation

  • Current Events

  • Sewing

  • Music

  • Sports

  • Mechanics

  • Makeup

  • Art

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Environmental

  • Housekeeping
  • Pet Care

  • Public Speaking

  • Investing

  • Reading

  • Physics

  • Computer Science