"The innovation we have sought in education has been in our living rooms and kitchens all along; discounted for it's simplicity and evaded for it's challenge to the status quo."

As cofounders of Live Learn Launch, we, Erin Clark, Rebecca Hein, and Tanis Jorge, have a passion for education and what it can be. We have taken our experience, knowledge, and vision and have created a community that resources families navigating alternative forms of education, and we've called it, Live Learn Launch. It exists for home educators, so they can have the tools and the resources to educate their children in ways that would not be possible in a traditional education setting.

At Live Learn Launch, we believe that if you are considering or have chosen to educate your child, we can resource you in every way possible to flourish in this amazing adventure. We know, because we do it ourselves, and have seen our kids flourish! We will provide you with everything from detailed lessons, podcasts, and video links, to informative posts, assessments, events, ideas, community-connection, and more.

The world our children are going to inherit is full of unknowns. No matter your teaching style, we at Live Learn Launch believe that the best way to prepare them, indeed to launch them, is to immerse them experientially into ideas and lessons found within the daily rhythms of life, as we live them - in real, tangible and hands-on ways.


This is exactly why we call it Live Learn Launch, and believe that if you are considering home education, this fun, practical and innovative community is exactly what you need!

Meet The Founders

Erin Clark

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Hi! I am Erin Clark. I am married, fifteen years, to Mark and have three beautiful daughters, Sienna (11), Hayden (9), and Isabella (7). I have a degree in Early Child Education, I taught and was a preschool director for a decade. I founded and lead the children’s ministry of Village Church, one of the fastest-growing multi-site churches in Canada (which now has over 700 kids a week). And last but most importantly, I am a full-time homeschool mom, which over the years has become something far more than that: a different kind of life for us.

Once my kids were home they came alive in ways I could never have dreamed of, and started excelling both socially and academically. Soon other parents were contacting me asking questions about how we did what we did, and one by one a community of families started to form around an approach to education that kept seeing results for each and every child. That is how Live Learn Launch was born!

It’s a way of doing life, where the goal is not only educating your children, but forming them; not only of transferring information and knowledge, but also skills, and understanding; elements that will effectively shape their whole life. 

Tanis Jorge

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Hi! My name is Tanis Jorge and I'm wife to my high-school sweetheart, David, and mom to two, fantastic, young boys, JJ and Nuno. I am also a serial entrepreneur, who has had the pleasure of successfully building multiple tech companies in my hometown of Vancouver, BC.

I am so excited about Live Learn Launch because it is the combination of both my knowledge and expertise coupled with my passion to effectively prepare the upcoming generations for what's ahead.

You see, I have always felt that the education system falls short of teaching children important skills and habits that would enable them to live their best life. I strongly believe in the importance of teaching practical lessons, as well as functional life skills, enriching habits and the building blocks of entrepreneurship.

Because of this, my husband David and I, have chosen to pull our boys from the school system and focus on these four components to make up the framework for how we will educate them going forward.

We will be embarking on our homeschooling journey September 2018 and invite you to follow and watch as we take on this exciting adventure together!

Rebecca Hein

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I am Rebecca Hein and live in beautiful Surrey British Columbia where together with my husband of 20 years are raising our four children who keep us on our toes every day. I have a Bachelors degree in music and elementary education and taught in B.C. public schools for over 10 years. Although I no longer teach in schools I am intensely passionate about education.  All four of my children attend public school and through my experience as a teacher and a parent I have a deep desire to help parents navigate their children’s education. I believe that learning does not begin in September and end in June, it is continuous and life long. Through Live Learn Launch parents can access tools to help assist and supplement their children’s education whether it be learning in the home or needing more than what is being offered in the traditional school system.  The hope I have for my children is that they will become people who can think critically, contribute to the world positively, have the ability to problem solve and ultimately feel successful and happy.