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Ryan Di Francesco

"I believe education should not dim the light within the youth, but inspire it to shine, to teach children to grow into themselves without fear or judgement, to think comfortably, to set the children up with the necessary skills to take risks to pave their roads through hard work and being able to endure failure and persevere."

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Education and Experience

Lessons and Takeaways

Ryan graduated with an Honours Degree in English Literature from Brock University. During his second year, he was accepted into the Creative Writing program. As a member of the university writing community, his work was featured in faculty poetry readings, earning praise from professors. After university, Ryan co-wrote a story and screenplay, which was turned into a feature film, winning awards at a Chicago independent film festival. From there, he moved out of Niagara and to Toronto to study acting at the renowned Sears and Switzer, earning a scholarship after his first term. Ryan went on to spend some time in the Toronto acting scene, auditioning for various commercials and landing a few bit parts in Canadian indie films. While acting, Ryan decided he wanted to further his education, so he went to the University of Toronto to attain his Teaching Certificate, graduating with distinction. Since then, Ryan has taught for ten years in the private sector, and he ran his own tutoring business before joining Live Learn Launch. While Ryan has been teaching, he has also been a freelance writer, specifically covering the Toronto Blue Jays. His work has been featured in the Toronto Star among other national sites. 


After years teaching, Ryan grew tired of the school curriculum, seeing it not meeting the needs of so many students. It was because of this he began his own tutoring company, which helped students focus on learning subjects they were interested in, or needed specific help with, while helping them with real-life skills and experience, such as getting them internships and volunteering for what they were passionate about. It was at that time Ryan discovered Live Learn Launch, seeing that his academic philosophy and theirs align, a philosophy that focuses on skills that are practical in the evolving world, he reached out and connected with the school and hasn’t looked back. 

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